Welcome to North Marine Consultants, your trusted partner for comprehensive consultancy services tailored to the Maritime and Windfarm industry.

Drawing upon our expertise and understanding of these dynamic sectors, we will work on delivering solutions that seamlessly align with your requirements. Whether you navigate the seas or harness wind energy, we are here to propel your endeavors to new horizons.

Collaborative Approach:
At North Marine Consultants, collaboration forms the cornerstone of our philosophy. We believe in working closely with you, not as mere consultants, but as partners invested in your success.

Our solutions are imbued with a deep understanding of your challenges, goals and aspirations, ensuring that every recommendation we provide is finely tuned to your unique circumstances.

Let’s engage in constructive dialogues aimed at forging pioneering solutions that elevate and optimize every facet of your operations.

Best Regards,
Wojciech Drzewiecki
Managing Director